How to Shop for Affordable Real Estate

If you’re shopping for a home for sale in Hot Springs Village, location, features, and size can all impact the price. But you can still find affordable real estate. The key is to carefully consider your approach to ensure you get the best value for your money.

If affordability is a factor for you, here are five ways to save on your next home.

Dig Deeper

It’s hard not to notice all the extras that make a house look beautiful, like window treatments, furnishings, and extensive landscaping. But it’s important not to let these items influence your buying decisions since they can often add significant costs to a listing price. Instead, look at the bones of a house, the layout, its location, and what options the property affords you for the long term.

Set a Budget

Before you start looking for a home, spend the time to develop a realistic budget for your purchase based on your income, debt, expenses, and potential changes that could impact your spending, like a costly medical procedure. And once you create a budget, stick to it. That means shopping within a reasonable price range so you don’t fall in love with a “must-have” property and splurge on a home that’s out of reach.

Skip the Amenities

Let’s face it: Pools, tennis courts, and hot tubs can all be great additions to a home. But they can drive up asking prices as well as maintenance expenses during your ownership of the property. While these amenities may be nice to have, if you’re looking for an affordable property, pass on properties that include them.

Identify Up-and-Coming Locations

If a particular neighborhood is your dream location but the home prices there are too high, consider neighboring areas. Often when one place becomes popular, adjacent areas become more desirable as well. That means you can get more home for your dollar while benefiting from many of the same attributes now, and realize growth in your home’s value down the road.

Look for Move-In Ready Properties

While you might think it’s wiser and cheaper to buy a fixer-upper, upgrades and improvements to your home can be pricier than you expect. Instead of blowing your house budget on renovation projects, look for properties that are move-in ready for more predictable and manageable spending.

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