Hit the Trails in Hot Springs Village

Get your heart rate up and explore beautiful Hot Springs Village along the Hernando Trail. The gravel-packed surface trail, which is more than 8 miles long, offers both level walking and some challenging hills. Trail benches and tall pine, oak and hickory trees create a beautiful and shady canopy. It’s a great trail for walking, jogging, or trail bike riding. Hernando Trail was awarded the Arkansas Governor’s Leadership in Fitness Award in 2008.

So, get out and explore on more than 30 miles of trails in Hot Springs Village. Be sure to check out the Hot Springs Village real estate along the way. You can walk, ride, run or even drive a golf cart along paths that have been designed to showcase the Village’s flora and fauna, lakes and mountains. No matter your activity level, there’s a trail that’s right for you. Most nature trails are pet friendly!

BALBOA (2.1 MLS): Rating: Moderate/Easy.

CEDAR CREEK (3.1 MLS): Rating: Easy.

CORONADO FITNESS (1.0 MLS): Rating: Easy.

CORONADO BOAT RAMP (0.35 MLS): Rating: Easy.

DESOTO MARINA (0.7 MLS): Rating: Easy.

DESOTO NATURE (1.2 MLS): Rating: Moderate.

DESOTO SPILLWAY (0.77 MLS): Rating: Moderate.

DESOTO (3.4 MLS): Rating: Moderate.

HERNANDO (8.6 MLS): Rating: Difficult/Moderate.

MAGELLAN BEAVER DAM (0.6 MLS): Rating: Easy.

SONORA-CALELLA (0.4 MLS): Rating: Moderate.



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